Strategic Health for Law Enforcement



The physical, mental and emotional demands of modern-day policing can leave officers feeling frustrated, unappreciated, overworked and burnt out. This, in turn, leads to more frequent absenteeism, poor job performance, questionable decision making, and disciplinary issues. 

What To Expect


Participants in this law enforcement-specific course learn the subtle yet severe stressors present in police work that lead to behavioral dysfunction. They are given resiliency strategies, tactics, and information to combat the negative effects of short and long term job-related stress. Participants will gain increased awareness and tools to improve their mental, physical and financial health and to support their career longevity and productivity.

Timeline And Outcomes

The course instructors are veteran police officers who offer holistic, proven methods and are passionate about improving the lives of their colleagues. 

Participants will leave feeling increased engagement in their daily work, a renewed perspective on their career, and with a framework and resources for living a more healthy, balanced and successful life on and off duty. 

(Total course time is 12 hours. Day 1: 8am-5pm, Day 2: 8am-12pm).


What My Clients Say

I really enjoyed this training and appreciated the fact that actual resources like websites and apps were given to facilitate success.
Melanie Stamford, CT
June 2021

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