Sexual Assault Investigation



There are few investigations more complex than sexual assault investigations. Delayed reporting, lack of evidence and problematic victims are common challenges that are difficult to overcome. This detailed training module provides police investigators with comprehensive tools and methods to aggressively remedy these challenges.

What To Expect

Our 12-hour course provides an in-depth examination of a sexual assault investigation from the initial report to the conviction at trial. Participants will examine:

  • Types and sources of evidence
  • Rapport building with victims
  • Use of supportive services
  • Crafting accurate police reports
  • Beneficial pretrial motions
  • Suspect interview themes
  • Case law
  • Issues surrounding false reports

Timeline and Outcomes

The value of advanced preparations and recommended post-admission actions are also examined. Actual cases are presented to illustrate key points. 

(Total course time is 12 hours. Day 1: 8am-5pm, Day 2: 8am-12pm).

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The training was a lot more informative than I expected. This course should be taught in every department in this country.
Stephanie Stamford, CT
June 2021